This page acts a quick reference and referral site for information pertaining to Covid-19 vaccination eligibility and registration. It will be updated with new and links relating to vaccinations in Benton county overtime.

Latest News

  • Group 7 individuals eligible

    Within the state of Oregon, vaccine distributions have been broken up in phases and distributed by grouping. Currently, there are seven groups that are now eligible for the vaccine as of March 30, 2021, in Benton County. 

    The latest group included in phase 1B includes group 1-7. Group 7 including the following. 

    • Frontline workers as defined by CDC
    • Individuals living in a multigenerational household means a household where:
      • People from three or more generations live, such as a home where an elder lives with a parent and grandchild; or
      • An individual or individuals 50 years and older residing with and caring for a relative who is not their own child (i.e. a grandchild, niece, or nephew)
    • Adults 16–44 with one or more underlying health conditions with increased risk

    For more information, about additional groups currently eligible for vaccine visit 


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