Join us in Corvallis in June of 2022 for this exciting short course!

The Doctoral Short Course: Concrete Fit for Purpose and Planet, will be held June 20-21, 2022 on the Oregon State University campus. All graduate students are welcome.  We hope you will stay for the 4th Corvallis Workshops and a discounted registration is available to attend both.  If you are an undergraduate and wish to attend please reach out to Dr. Jason H. Ideker (  The course will bring together leaders from across the globe, focused on the important issue of using as many tools and techniques as possible to ensure sustainable concrete production that limits CO2 emissions, uses natural resources in a responsible and forward thinking manner while ensuring long-term durability.


  • Anthony Bentivegna (Durability Engineers)
  • Cyrille Dunant (University of Cambridge)
  • Jason H. Ideker (Oregon State)
  • Burkan Isgor (Oregon State)
  • Karen Scrivener (EPFL)
  • David Trejo (Oregon State)
  • Jason Weiss (Oregon State)


  • Oregon State School of Civil and Construction Engineering

Registration Rates: 

Registration and further Information can be found at The Corvallis Workshop’s site here:  

Included in Registration:

  • Welcome Reception at Kearney Hall
  • Breakfast, refreshments and lunch each day of the 2-day course
  • All course related materials

About the Workshop

The objective of this workshop is to provide education and motivation for graduate students to understand what currently provides a carbon negative footprint for concrete.  Lecturers will focus on providing students a fundamental scientific and engineering background to specify and design concrete mixtures that are compatible with the long-term goal of CO2 reduction to carbon neutral or better levels through material selection, specification and revised design/engineering practices.

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