Would you work abroad?

I have always wanted to live and work abroad for an extended amount of time, but I am also 21 and do not have many things tying me down to a certain location. Considering the different factors that go into working in a new country are very different for me now than they would be in about 10 years. Whether or not I have a family and children to consider would impact my decision greatly.

A few things that I would consider before working abroad are what a particular country’s culture is like, their language, and what they tend to value. If I don’t agree with their values and culture, I do not think I would enjoy living there, regardless of what point I am at in my life. Some other factors I would consider would be how long the position would be, if the relocation package is sufficient enough, and if the salary in that particular country is substantial and will allow me to live comfortably. Moving across the world can be expensive and finding housing in a new country can be extremely difficult as well. Making sure I would be provided with relocation assistance is very important. Additionally, I would also consider what the country’s healthcare system is like and what package my company would be offering me. If I had children at the time I was offered an international position, I would also consider the educational systems and spousal assistance in that specific country.

Ultimately, many of my main considerations would be the same regardless of my age, but I know that I am much more willing to take the risk of working abroad now than I would be once I am deeply rooted in one location.

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