“Technology” and “the environment” are two bedrocks of research activity at OSU.

This research cluster provides an opportunity for College of Liberal Arts faculty working in and between these areas to develop collaborative research, support interdisciplinary projects, and promote student research. Faculty and students throughout CLA are researching diverse questions in technology and the environment, and this cluster will allow these members of the OSU community — who are spread throughout the schools of CLA — to promote research synergy on questions important to the college and university.

This research group has two primary objectives, both of which are aimed at promoting research activity in CLA. First, we want to foster a collaborative environment for CLA faculty working in technology and the environment. Second, we hope to foster both undergraduate and graduate student research. In order to facilitate this, we are in the process of building a website that advertises faculty interests so that students can find research mentors. We anticipate that these meetings and the mentorship program will culminate in a small symposium in Spring 2019.