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Longtime CVM Student Advisor to Retire

October 23rd, 2013
Patrick Kamins with the Class of 2013

Patrick Kamins with the Class of 2013

A message from Patrick Kamins:

Hi all,

I will be retiring on Thursday, Halloween Day, 2013, and I have a secret. But, first  . . .

Before working at the College of Veterinary Medicine, I was employed for 18 years at three other colleges in Colorado. I was initially hired at OSU as a temporary worker in the admissions office in Kerr. In the month of October, 1998, I was hired full-time, and for about 2 years I was the “voice” of admissions, taking an average of 800 information calls per month.

In the summer of 2000, Dr. Linda Blythe hired me as the CVM student services coordinator. In those days, OSU Vet Med was very different, with one hospital [large animal], and only 34 students in my first graduating class (Class of 2001). At that time, I performed “distance advising” to half of the CVM students who were attending their second and third year classes at Washington State University in Pullman.

My favorite part of work has been my close association with students and my friendly, professional interaction with faculty and technicians. To name only a few, my memories will include: finding you in class to deliver gifts and roses on Valentines Day; participating in pumpkin carving and crazy sweater contests; joining in Ride the Heart of the Valley; and playing Christmas songs on my guitar in the Magruder lobby.

It is interesting to watch oneself growing old but it has been much easier with the many faculty, tech, staff, and student friends that I have made. Please make me your Facebook friend so that I can keep up with you, and find you in the future to laugh about the good, ol’ vet school days, and share some chocolate.

To CVM Students and Former Students

All university students work very hard to earn their degrees, but veterinary students experience so  many additional challenges. You handle them so very well. I sincerely appreciated that with all your challenges, you always were so very polite when you came to see me in the Dean’s office. You made me laugh a lot, cry a little, and I’m very thankful for the past 13+ years. And all the chocolate!! My goodness, I have been given, and have enjoyed, the best in the world.

You already know this, but my secret is that you are all my favorite student!



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