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SAVMA Symposium 2011

April 12th, 2011

The 2011 SAVMA Symposium took place March 24—26 at the University of California-Davis. Proximity and timing (Symposium is rarely during our spring break, most other schools are on the semester system) meant that OSU had an opportunity to have a large contingent make the trip. With more than 40 students attending in Beaver orange hooded sweatshirts, the Orange Army of OSU-CVM was in evidence everywhere you looked. Three days of lectures, wet labs, exciting day trips, and fun evening events made for a great experience even with the unseasonably wet and cold weather that hit northern California. Of course, being Oregonians, the Beavers were undeterred by a little rain.

With the unusually high number of students there, OSU was well represented in the academic and athletic competitions that are a part of Symposium. The Flag Football Tournament was won by team members Steen Smith, Jamie Senthirajah and David Johnston in the class of 2014; Olivia Williams, Stacee Hironaga, Sean Brady in the class of 2013; Ken Hironaga; and Kim Parker in the class of 2012.

In the Radiology Challenge represented by first-year student Rob Seifken, second-year students Angela Schlenker and Sara Livesay, and third-year student Sandra Lloyd, OSU competed against eight other schools and won first place. In an email Angela Schlenker sent to Dr. Susanne Stieger-Vanegas she wrote, “I believe this obviously shows that we have received an outstanding education in radiology, and I personally would like to thank you for that.” Kudos well-deserved.

The Global and Public Health Officer recognized OSU SCAVMA’s Ride the Heart of the Valley event for outstanding creativity and also as the top fundraiser for the year with the current theme of obesity as a public health issue. Vector borne diseases was announced as the new public health focus for the next two years.

In the SAVMA House of Delegates (HOD) the primary order of business was final approval of a two-year-long project to improve the efficiency of the organization. Over the past two years the HOD has scrapped the constitution in favor of bylaws; realigned the committee structure; and approved an entirely new set of governance documents. In the future this should make the organization more effective in representing and supporting the veterinary students of member institutions. The most significant piece of business was the approval of the Duty Hours Proposal. This is a non-binding recommendation for duty hours limitations for veterinary students at member institutions similar to recent reforms in the human medical fields. More information on these recommendations will be forthcoming in the next few months. The HOD awarded the bid for the 2013 Symposium to Louisana State University College of Veterinary Medicine.

Outgoing treasurer Brian Zulauf (OSU-CVM ‘11) was honored for his service over the last two years, and Julie Stafford (OSU-CVM ‘13) was elected to the position of International Exchange Officer-elect. Over the next two years Julie will establish relationships within the international veterinary community while serving as a liaison between SAVMA and the International Veterinary Student Association (IVSA). She would like to remind all SCAVMA members that as such you are automatically members of SAVMA and therefore members of IVSA. Remember this if you are thinking about pursuing international exchange opportunities and you want to check out what IVSA has to offer.

SAVMA Symposium was a great experience, and the students at UC-Davis did a great job hosting the event. All the OSU students that attended are grateful to the OSU Student Foundation for the generous grant that helped to cover the cost of hotels for the attendees. Next year, SAVMA Symposium will be at Purdue — unfortunately during our winter term dead week.

Steen Smith
Class of 2014
SAVMA Junior Delegate

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