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Amazing results for the February Food Drive

February 28th, 2011

Linn-Benton Food Drive chair for Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Jana Gordon, was determined to exceed last year’s totals so she made it a personal challenge. Her enthusiasm and energy never wavered as she encouraged her committee of Josie Corliss, Melanie Garrett, Pat Hutson, Robyn Panico, Debrah Rarick, JoDell Schweizer (class of 2011), Mandy Seals, David Sisson, Sherry Sisson, Alyssa Tucker, Juli West and Lindy Young. Food sales of soups, salads, hot dogs and baked goods raised $1,494.26. A yard sale in the horse arena took in $1,007.95 over the two-day weekend. Last week’s silent auction raised $703. Cash donations, including a gift from the AAHA suturing wet lab, totaled $384.54.

In the class competition, Class of 2013’s whimsical food sculptures, a giraffe and palm tree with dollar bills for fronds, won hands down and raised $102.

Year-long payroll deductions by generous faculty and staff so far total $1,784. Deductions that can be as little as $5 per month can really add up for the food drive.

In a flash, the Terry Robertson Challenge raised $630 thanks to some very generous donors.

With a late rally, the raffle for two $75 Fred Meyer gift cards scored for both the Food Drive and winners Janice Hutchinson and Steve Lehto with $212.

To date, at least $5,831.21 was raised this year by the College of Veterinary Medicine. That computes to 29,155 pounds of food for Linn-Benton Food Share. The boxes of actual food that students, staff and faculty brought in have not been weighed yet, so the total figure very well will exceed 30,000 pounds. In addition, some payroll deductions may come in just at the deadline at 5:00 today.

Thanks to everyone for their participation and donations.

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