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Student Ambassadors visit 4H Group in Pendleton, Oregon

March 2nd, 2010

Saturday, February 27, the College of Veterinary Medicine Student Ambassadors visited a group of 4H and pre-veterinary students in Pendleton, Ore. The Ambassadors and students gathered at Blue Mountain Community College and spent the morning together. The group totaled around 60 students ranging from fourth grade to seniors in high school.

Student Ambassadors in Pendleton

Student Ambassadors in Pendleton

The Ambassadors started off by introducing the group members then the veterinary college by giving the kids a virtual picture tour of the college. A presentation followed which discussed the process of getting into veterinary college, including ways to get involved and prepare when in middle and high school. Undergraduate courses were listed, as well as the requirements for application to veterinary college. The curriculum at Oregon State was described in detail complete with pictures and stories of student adventures through completion of their coursework over the years.

Rachel Hector giving her presentation on neuroology

Rachel Hector giving a presentation

The group then split, and visited five prepared stations led by the Ambassadors. The first station included a dog physical exam with Mara Supan (class of 2011) where the kids got to hear a dog’s heartbeat through a stethoscope, and learn what to look for in a typical health check. The next station was with Sam Tepper, (class of 2012) where the kids got a puzzling pathology case to solve, complete with blood work and blood smears to look at under the microscope. Andrea Sundhom and Sarah Tauber (both class of 2012) ran a neurology station showing and teaching about reflexes on a dog, what a typical neurological exam is composed of, and what the various tests show about nerve function. They also got to view videos of neurologic cases to connect the anatomy of the nervous system to clinical signs. Rachel Hector (class of 2012) ran a radiology station showing normal and abnormal radiographs to the kids teaching about radiographic densities and how to find abnormalities on films. Karyn Zittel (class of 2011) had the last station, delving into surgery and the science and anatomy behind it complete with having the kids put on sterile surgical gloves.

Karyn Zittel giving a surgery presentation

Karyn Zittel giving a surgery presentation

The event was a great success in maintaining the interest of the younger kids to aim for a veterinary career and getting the older students excited about college and working toward the application process. Many of the participants vocalized that this event made them excited to start preparing for veterinary school. One high school senior in particular made the decision to attend a community college, then Oregon State University and apply to veterinary school in subsequent years because this presentation helped her decide it was achievable. Matt Liscom from the 4H livestock extension later reflected on the event, saying the participants and parents “left feeling very enthusiastic about the OSU Veterinary Medicine Program and the work you are doing not only in educating these people to be veterinarians, but developing quality individuals with the life skills necessary to be successful. I can say with no reservations that you have an enormously successful outreach program in progress with this group and I only hope we can work together again in the future.”

The Ambassadors had a great time, debriefing their stations together over the long car ride home. Much appreciation is given to the Dean’s Office for their support to get them to Pendleton.

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