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Round three- always said to make an alchemical shift for the better!

  September 28th, 2014

the ARt project is submitting a project proposal to the EECS capstone projects class for the second year in a row.

Those collaborating creative innovators, across both the OSU and Corvallis community who believe in this smart and savvy app idea, are hopeful a motivated undergraduate team will help us make a successfully demonstrable custom iteration. that will make investors say yes!

This new academic year also brings you, the audience, the opportunity to invest directly as a local patron in support of the ARt project development.

Contact me for details (find my email below) about the Iconic Views at OSU Series. An original fundraiser art project for the patron interested in investing in the intersection of traditional art with innovative mobile technology utilization.

Want to encounter the art on campus with a guide?

Be sure to schedule your VTS tour of OSU’s Percent for Art Collection, by emailing me.

I am, Kerrie B. Wrye– OSU post-Bacc ’14, at: lartistedelavie at gmail dot com

Below are 2- finished images of the 15 in-progress Iconic Views at OSU Series:
image image

*I am interested in turning you on to our shared cultural legacy here in Oregon, starting at OSU. It’s citizen-owned!

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