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Other notions on the mobile art tour- app!

  February 13th, 2013

I am so excited to post about other emerging mobile apps featuring art in public institutions, locales and in public installations. For example this one called MTA, features the public art of NYC’s subway system!

Take the MTA tour online!

It was launched last Spring 2012, while a parallel local concept called the ARt project, was launched just a couple of months later last July 2012, at the Science, Technology and Art community – university partnership festival, called da Vinci Days!

So far the ARt project has had a wildly successful initial public launch, reflecting seven months of collaborative proof-of-concept design & development from the vary talented initial ARteam. It has enjoyed pre-festival media attention as a feature story on the front page of the local GT:

the ARt project featured in the local paper

Post launch opportunities have also included a peer review presentation in October 2012, at the emergent Learning Commons- regional, annual conference that was held in Portland, OR.

There continues to be overwhelming support among the arts, academic and digital learning communities locally and regionally as the ARt project continues on its developmental path at OSU.
With pending recommendation to the OSU Engineering Capstone projects list this summer 2013, project visionary and post-Bacc student, Kerrie B. Wrye is wearing many hats to get the project settled in a homebase, and is currently searching for new funding partners who will help her to see this project all the way through.

Interested funders are welcome to contact her at: kerrie.wrye@oregonstate.edu



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