Art and science meet in multimedia exhibition by visiting scholar and artist Luis Prato

Join us for the opening reception of Apoptosis

Apoptosis opens Thursday, November 17 from 4:00pm – 5:30pm on the 2nd floor “knuckle” between Richardson Hall and Peavy Forest Science Center (follow the signs). Refreshments will be provided. The exhibition will run from November 17 – December 8.

This activity is part of International Education Week, November 14th – 18th. To see the full list of activities, please visit the IEW website.

All pictured work by Luis Prato.

Apoptosis is a Greek word used in embryology to name the moment when cells must die to continue the process of body formation. Similarly, in the forest, large trees die, allowing regeneration, growth, and the emergence of more life. Art and science seek to understand and give meaning to the necessary balance between life and death.

The exhibition consists of a journey through the artistic work exercises that Luis has carried out during his stay at the College of Forestry thanks to the invitation of Dr. Seri Robinson. The set of works is made up of turned woods, spalted woods, drawings, sculptures, photographs and videos.

The woodturning and laboratory work was supported by Dr. Seri Robinson. The project at Andrews Forest was an invitation from Dr. Frederick Swanson and the experience with art students at Cape Perpetua was an invitation from professors and artists Michael Boonstra and Andy Myers with the School of Visual, Performing and Design Arts.

Luis Prato

Opening Reception – Thurs, Nov 17
4:00-5:30pm | 2nd floor PFSC and Richardson
Exhibition on display Nov 17 – Dec 8

About the artist

Luis Antonio Prato Escárate

Luis is an associate professor at the Faculty of Arts at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (Santiago). He studied Visual Arts, Art Pedagogy and Aesthetics. He received his PhD in Fine Arts at the Barcelona University (Spain). He has worked as a Visual Artist, specializing in sculpture and photography. In recent years he has focused his artistic work on the relationship between art, science and nature, working in interdisciplinary environments with Hydraulic Engineering, Mathematics, Literature, Poetry, Sociology and Heritage Studies. He is interested in researching the action of fungi on wood from a scientific as well as an artistic perspective. He is collaborating with Dr. Seri Robinson in WSE on spalted wood and scientific woodturning.


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As usual for those of us who have the pleasure to know Luis’ work, it is a wonderful artistic expression. Thanks Luis for sharing these creations and the clever way of meeting nature and art.

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