The Importance of Higher Education in my Journey —Author: Wilberth Gibran Santa Cruz Ruiz

Hi I would like to share our member’s experience of studying abroad. His name is Gibran from Mexico. He is studying in COB MBA program. Comment below if you have some thoughts!



If someone would have told me one year ago that I would sit in the same stadium in which numerous national and international artists, researchers and public personalities such as Michelle Obama and Harley Jessup production designer for the movie “Coco,” which won the Academy Award this year in the category of Best Animated Feature Film, I would have not believed it. All these people have shaped in some ways the lives of million of people with their ideas and have inspired me and other students to do a better job. You will discover something similar when you study a graduate program in any university around the world. Studying the master in business administration at Oregon State University has been a transformative experience that has impacted me in different fields of my life.


I remember that on March 26, 2013 in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico at 5:30 pm, after finishing a laboral day, I started searching on my computer the way in which I could improve my future and life. I believed that my perspectives about doing business and the way in which I should have applied my knowledge in chemical engineering were narrow. Studying a graduate program definitely has supported me to learned how to work in multicultural groups, how to think more critically, analyze and execute learning techniques that allowed me to approach complex and challenging problems.


I attended business trips, concerts, conferences, music festivals, spoke with entrepreneurs and managers and directors of several companies. I also participated in the men’s volleyball club and the international network club. All these events and skills gained also have supported me to steer my potential toward a field that I am passionate about. Studying a graduate program not only has allowed me to access advanced technology and information, but also supported me to understand how people from different cultures work together to improve and solve challenging problems.


My graduate program has been challenging and it is the fact that I have been immersed in a multicultural country that has allowed me to understand how my talents, passion and knowledge could be better applied. Things would have been different whether I had studied a graduate program in my home country. Studying a graduate program abroad is not only a mixture of challenges, emotions and thoughts to be understood, but also a rewarding experience that gives me new tools and confidence to exceed the expectations of my tutors, professors and future employers. Embrace the discomfort is a remarkable phrase that a classmate told me and which made me understand that real world is sometimes tough and my attitude will depend on how I curve challenging circumstances. It has been only through a graduate program that I was able to discover, reflect and put into practice skills that I had not have the chance to apply.


I would recommend that you study a graduate program because it is only through this level of education that you will learn and know about the technological advances, new research topics and groundbreaking ideas that are more likely to succeed in the long-term. After one year, I have started some projects that I had in mind and I am more confident that I am able to get better results. I am able to integrate more new honed skills in my resume which prepares me better for the laboral field after finishing the graduate program. This will definitely will make me more valuable in the real world. Studying a graduate program not only will motivate you and inspire you to be a better person and more competent professional, but also will lead you to understand that it is a transformative experience. This experience ultimately will make you realize that there is only one chance to live in this world and that you have to enjoy this journey called life.

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