Honeydew has been observed in non-treated, artificially-infested plots at the Hermiston Agricultural Research and Extension Center.

In contrast to airborne ascospores, honeydew is contact-, splash- or insect-dispersed.

The presence of honeydew at harvest can make swathing and combining more difficult. Late season scouting and field monitoring will help to develop harvesting/seed cleaning schedules and identify potential problem fields or areas that will need increased monitoring in the 2021 season.

The easiest way to scout for honeydew is to gently brush the flowers and developing seeds with your hand as you walk the field – if you feel a sticky substance, it may be honeydew from ergot. Aphids, if present, can also produce a sticky substance called honeydew, so, be careful not to confuse ergot honeydew with honeydew secreted by these insect pests.

Upon closer examination, ergot honeydew can often be seen being exuded directly from infected florets (red arrows).
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