Spore traps have detected the presence of airborne ergot ascospores around Kentucky bluegrass production areas in the Grande Ronde Valley.

*Figure updated on 5/21/20 to reflect the average number of cells per ascospore (Tiffany 1948).

Spore counts are relatively low and sporadic compared to other sites. However, a relatively few number of ascospores can begin an infection, and the honeydew (secondary) stage of the disease can amplify the disease in a field before harvest. Our research has shown that, at least in some cases, up to 30% of infections can be caused by honeydew.

It is also important to note that the spore traps currently being used at all sites sample a relatively small volume of air (about 3,800 gallons of air/day). Consequently, the ascospores that are detected and reported likely represent a small proportion of the total number in the area.

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