St. Louis on my mind

On Sept. 8th I will be boarding a plane to St Louis, MI for the start of OSU’s first annual Midwest Tour 2015. We will be touring agriculture facilities across the midwest from St. Louis, MI to Omaha, NE.

Signing up for this trip I was very excited, and as time has passed this summer I have become even more excited! It is very important to see agriculture in all parts of our country. I will return home from this trip with a better understanding of U.S. agriculture.

I am excited to get to see a part of the U.S. I haven’t seen before. I am also excited to get to meet professionals working in the agriculture industry outside of Oregon. As I am entering my senior year of college every connection I can make matters. I am looking¬†forward to all the opportunities this trip will offer!

Check back here to my blog for trip updates. I will do my best to blog every highlight of my trip!