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Week 1 – My quest begins  January 6th, 2022

My plane landed late last night in the PDX airport. I had been visiting Mexico after the holidays with my wife and our close friends. We loaded up into our minivan and drove down I-5. We made it home around 3am.

This morning I turn on my computer and start to play catch up. We hadn’t planned on missing the first couple of days of the term but with the snow and staffing shortages, we ended up being delayed and delayed. I complete the syllabus quiz, dive into the modules for this class and realize… I have already messed up. I missed the first deadline and wasn’t able to select a project. Not only am I losing an easy 10 points but now I am along for the ride on a random project with a random group.

I can already feel a touch of anxiety set in.

Well, nothing I can do now but make the best of my random group and get stoked for the project ahead of me. My new goal for this class is: don’t miss another deadline. Shouldn’t be that hard right?

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