Using personas in email marketing

1, Activity strategy and objectives
Every great email marketing campaign has an overall goal, ideally based on where your typical buyer is in the buying process.

If a typical buyer hasn’t heard of your company before, it’s best to send an email campaign focused on brand awareness. The further down the pipeline they go, the more they shift to a strategy that focuses on leadership.

2, Segment your list
Breaking down your mailing list can make a big difference when you’re sending targeted campaigns. The identifier is the most important thing for the company, and it will decide which parts to choose, but here are some ideas on how to break it up:

  • Sales phase (potential customers, existing customers, etc.)
  • Position/position (chief information officer, chief information officer)
  • Interests (browse the web, download resources, open email)
  • Partners (or potential partners)
  • Vertical market

Once an email list is split, it’s easy to pull out a specific list and send a highly segmented email database with the buyer role, making them easier targets. Targeted activities. For example, if you are an Internet provider whose target customer is the IT director, you can extract a list of all the IT directors from the database and send them specific activities.

Furthermore, if your company is promoting on SD_WAN, you can further break down the list of it directors into those who have visited your SD_WAN services page.

3, Write better copies. Get more open and click.
You know what your characteristics are — and so does your audience. But unless you know your audience well, it’s hard to determine which intangible benefits will really grab their attention.

If your solution is complex and has a learning curve, this will double. You need something compelling to make your audience want to know more. Detailing features is a boring business – leave it to the release notes. Instead, engage your character with the benefits that are most important to them.

If you want to write compelling copy, it’s important to rely on your role as the buyer. What are the most pressing challenges? Use your email copy to find annoying itching – then give them a tool to scratch.

Adobe has done a good job of aligning copies with their creative designer and their creativesuite newsletter. They are not application-centric, but very user-centric.

For example, the main heading “do something now”. We’ll tell you what to do. Appeal directly to designers who just want to create and don’t want to be encumbered by tutorials and features.

The first article, “putting your best foot forward on Facebook,” was all about making it easy for users to look good. The Adobe copy doesn’t put a barrier on words or technical language, but puts personas front and center, luring them back to the Creative Suite application (making it stickier and more indispensable to users).

4, Lure them with irresistible offers and clickable calls to action
Knowing your buyer role can help you make the perfect offer that they can’t resist.

What is your character worth? Do they need to cut the budget? Save time? Are they crazy about freebies? Analyze your buyer’s psychological data to come up with an irresistible offer, such as:

  • The first month is free
  • Save 20%
  • Free counseling
  • Instant access to
  • A free trial
  • A free upgrade

Think about how they communicate. Tech-savvy millennials may prefer to communicate via email or text. On the other hand, if your character is an experienced executive, they may prefer to talk on the phone. A/B test cta is as follows:

  • Call now
  • download
  • To subscribe to
  • Schedule a time
  • Booking online chat
  • Free online demo
  • Hone your call to action to match your character’s preferred method of communication, and watch your click-through rate rise.

The credit industry increases participation by “checking my new score.” Simple emails, simple copies, and clear calls to action are all meant to get their busy millennial mobile users back to their sites. The same is not true for baby boomers, who feel uncomfortable getting credit scores online.


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