Learning New Things: DynamoDB

For our Asteroid Crusaders game, my team has opted to use DynamoDB for the database. While I have heard about many of the other AWS services, I had never heard of the key-value, noSQL database called DynamoDB. Here are some of my findings from learning about this new tool. DynamoDB tables are eerily similar to… Continue reading Learning New Things: DynamoDB

Learning New Things

There is a point with learning, where you need to stop reading, and just start doing. I am hitting that point with our group project. I have spent the last two weeks planning and watching tutorials while my group members have been contributing code. While my piece of the project does require more planning and… Continue reading Learning New Things

The Work-Life Balancing Act

“Perfectly balanced as all things should be” has never described my life EVER. In high school I was the principal’s daughter who had to do well in school and do well in her many extracurricular activities so she could get into a decent college. When I got into college I was doing school full time,… Continue reading The Work-Life Balancing Act

How to code with a cat

Anyone out there have a needy cat that just wants your love and affection all the time? When you turn your attention towards your computer screen, do they immediately go and sit on your keyboard? Is anyone else worried about trying to code with cats? I have been lucky enough to have two wonderful feline… Continue reading How to code with a cat

Pay it forward

Hello and welcome to Chelsea Satt Codes. This is a blog written by me for the last class of my OSU Computer Science degree. I started my journey in 2018 while I was working as a lab analyst at a small quantitative laboratory in Portland, OR. It was a surprisingly physical job for a lab… Continue reading Pay it forward