Pay it forward

Hello and welcome to Chelsea Satt Codes. This is a blog written by me for the last class of my OSU Computer Science degree. I started my journey in 2018 while I was working as a lab analyst at a small quantitative laboratory in Portland, OR. It was a surprisingly physical job for a lab setting. I spent most of my time moving and preparing hundreds of 5 lbs bags of soybean, wheat, corn, and sorghum for testing.

While I enjoyed running the microbiology, virology, and pesticide residue analysis, I grew tried of doing the same work everyday. I knew I needed a change. Another push for change was that careers in laboratory can be difficult to progress if you do not have a masters or PhD. At this point I had set sights on going back to school, but the big question was for what degree? Thats when a friend working at Ebay told me about the intern they just hired. That intern had just gotten his CS degree from OSU.

I managed to get in contact with the Ebay intern. He was nice enough to answer every question I had about the program, how going back to school affected him, and about his new job. By the end of our conversation I was convinced that a computer science degree was the direction I wanted to go. I had no idea what type of job I wanted, but my father had been telling me for years that you could do anything with a CS degree. I applied for the OSU program later that week, got in a few weeks later, and hit the ground running with my first class.

It has been a long journey to get here, but I have finally made it to the last class before I graduate with a postbac degree in Computer Science from Oregon State University. The past three and half years have been an uphill climb, but so worth it. Along the way I changed jobs, moved multiples times, got engaged, and survived a pandemic (fingers crossed). I even had time to pay Ebay intern’s kindness forward. My old coworker has a friend who was interested in the OSU program, I sat down with them and answered all their questions. Hopefully, I was able to convince them to join the program and with a little luck they will enjoy their adventure enough to convince others who need a change to follow.

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