Cascadia24 – An examination of magmatism from the perspective of the Cascade Arc system

Cascadia24 will be a multidisciplinary examination of critical aspects of magmatism in subduction zones from the perspective of the canonical Cascade Arc system, from the deep mantle to the eruption dynamics, and will serve as a forum for synthesizing a broad range of geophysical, geochemical, volcanological, geological, cultural, and other observations relative to understanding the complex roles played by magmatic processes in subduction zone systems. The smaller size of this conference is intended to generate focused discussion on magmatism in the Cascades.

Sessions will include a focus on:

  • Tectonic-Magmatic Connections in the Cascadia Subduction Zone
  • Melt Distribution in the Crust
  • Quaternary Volcanism and Magmatism
  • The Nature of Active Magma Reservoirs and Storage Underneath Cascade Volcanoes
  • Geohazards
  • The Role of Subduction Zone Processes in the Cultural History of the
    Cascade Arc Region
  • Monitoring and Eruptions