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Environment America

If you want to spend the fall learning how to make a real impact on the decisions that affect the energy we use, the air we breathe, the water we drink and the places we love, apply for an internship with Environment America. We’re taking applications now for fall internships in Washington D.C. and our 29 state offices around the country.
So, what do interns with Environment America do? Make a real impact on critical environmental issues!
You’ll learn how to analyze environmental problems, advocate for smart solutions, and build public support. And you’ll work one-on-one with one of our advocates and organizers, providing a unique, mentored experience.
Responsibilities vary, but you’ll do some mix of:
• Researching critical environmental problems and preparing reports to release to the public
• Coordinating and attending media events, like news conferences
• Writing and publishing letters to the editor and working on news releases
• Attending lobby meetings with lawmakers and other decision-makers
• Working with coalition partners, like public health groups and other environmental groups
• Tracking legislation or regulations on the federal or state levels
• Generating public support for our campaigns, such as by collecting petitions or using social media
And you’ll attend briefings and trainings to learn more about environmental issues and gain advocacy and organizing skills.
Although Environment America Internships are unpaid, we’ll work with you to secure academic credit from your college or university if that is an option.

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