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Staying competitive and managing your career can be difficult in a challenging economy.  To thrive and be viable, you must know your skills, strengths, capabilities as well as areas of development.  Make it a habit to seek out opportunities to enhance your knowledge and performance. Here are 8 strategies that can help you succeed in your career.

Be Flexible. Flexibility is a valued and necessary trait to have if you want to thrive in our constantly changing workplace. Technology, the economy and demographic changes in our workforce have transformed how we work. Be open to new concepts and adaptable to change. The more readily you can adapt to your environment, the easier it is to stay competitive.

Recognize your accomplishments. Be an advocate for yourself.  Document how the organization has benefited from your performance.  What tangible evidence do you have of your achievements? Are you the key person that your boss or team turns too when something needs to get done?  Know your value.

Be an innovator.  Propose ideas that improve systems to make the workplace more efficient.  Learn how to integrate practical concepts that addresses and solves problems. When was the last time that you made a significant contribution to your organization?

Be Proactive.  Don’t be passive. Take control of your career and don’t be obsolete.  You are responsible for managing your own career path and direction. Prepare to assume new projects, skills and knowledge to make you relevant. Develop a unique talent that it not easily replaced.  Stay current of trends by reading journals and resources related to your profession.

Maintain Your Network.  Connections are critical.  Keep in touch with your network periodically. Seek out experts and key players who can support you in your career.  Having connections makes it easier when looking for better opportunities.   You never know when you will need to rely upon them in the future.

Be Global Minded. Learn how to develop relationships with diverse groups. Broaden your perspective by being open to ideas different from your own. Seek to understand and be drawn from your comfort zone.

Join a Professional Organization.  It’s a great way to establish new networks and exchange business ideas with like-minded professionals. You can also gain a better understanding of future growth areas in your industry.

Keep Your Resume Current.  Update your resume regularly.  You never know when you might need to submit it. Include significant achievements, new projects and other relevant information to make you stand out.

To have career sustainability, you will need to be accountable for your own career and be prepared for sudden changes in your workplace and industry. The more prepared you are, the quicker you are to respond to the demands of the workforce. 

Do you have career sustainability? Let us know how you are thriving in our current market.

Marian Moore, Career Development Coordinator/Career Counselor in Career Services at OSU is passionate about empowering others holistically to find meaningful and sustainable careers that promote lifestyle optimization. Interests: Career Coaching, Talent and Human Capital Management, Curriculum Design and Development, International Education, Personal Branding, Organizational Development, Entrepreneurship, Global Economic Development, Human Rights and Immigrant and Refugee advocacy.