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Name: Katie Merrill

Majors: Industrial Engineering and Finance

Year in School: Junior (3rd Year)

Internship: Boeing

  1. How did you find out about the internship? I found out about this internship through the OSU Fall Career Fair in 2011. I was a sophomore in Finance and a freshman in Engineering. I attended to justify my double major and see if there was a potential need for someone with my skill set in the workforce. I was not looking for a particular internship and was planning on going back home and work on a neighboring farm that summer.
  2. What did you do in your position? At Boeing I was a Methods Process Analyst Industrial Engineering Intern with the Wings Team on the 787 Program. I was able to make an impact while working with a fantastic team and knowledgeable mechanics. In my position I learned about the airplane build and also about collaborating with different people throughout the organization. This internship gave me insight that I had never had before about a large manufacturing environment and an Industrial Engineer’s impact within that community.
  3.  What advice do you have for others interested in finding an internship? I have one piece of advice for others interested in finding internships. Be enthusiastic about learning. A manager or company is interested in people who are willing to come in with an open mind and a good attitude.
  4. Did Career Services assist you anyway? If so, how? Career Services has all of the credit for giving me wings to fly. I never thought I would have an internship after my second year of school. Due to the career fair, I was able to begin my journey with Boeing Commercial Airplanes and justify the validity of my double major.