Day 10:

What to ask employers…

First and foremost, questions should be natural. Be yourself. Don’t rifle your questions; maintain a flow.

Here are some sample questions to ask organization representatives:

  • What kind of entry‐level positions exist within your company?
  • Do you offer internships?
  • If so, what percentage of interns are offered positions after graduation?
  • What does your company consider the 5 most important qualities in an employee?
  • What courses do you suggest in order to be a successful candidate?
  • What personality traits are important for success in your company?
  • What made you chose this company?
  • How long have you been with the company?
  • What goals does your company have for the next five years and beyond?
  • What are the next steps in the hiring process?

Day 11:

Don’t be fooled…

A common misconception is that an accounting student should only look for employment at accounting firms for example.  However, what you must remember is that most businesses have an accountant on staff.  Don’t discount a company because you think they are specifically an “engineering company,” because guess what, that engineering company also needs an employee to handle their marketing, people to run their HR department etc.  Moral of the story, there will be a wide variety of industries represented at the fair but don’t assume that your major won’t apply to certain companies just because of the industry they’re in.

Day 13:

Many students find internships and jobs at the Career Fair. Here is what a previous student said about her experience:

I found my position by looking at the Career Services website before the Career Fair. I knew there were three employers I really wanted to talk to so I found them on the website, got the link to their company websites to research them, and then went into the Career Fair feeling great…and got a job!

– Loni Hartman

Day 15:

“I make that one copy and I become the girl who makes copies. And by the end of the day I’m the receptionist again. And the worst part is, I like making copies. The paper comes out all warm and stuff. And it’s cold in there! Because it’s technically a closet.” –Pam, from the Office

So maybe you’re ideal job isn’t working for Dunder Mifflin, a Paper Company (then again, who WOULDN’T want to work for Michael Scott?!) but the chances are, you will eventually need a job.  Why not set some goals for yourself after college now, and whether that includes setting your own hours, helping find a cure for cancer, or being successful period, now is the time to start thinking about life after college.

Day 17:

Leave that torn and tattered backpack at home!

Now that you are thinking about attending the career fair you should decide on what to bring. First impressions are everything and shouldn’t include a ratty backpack! Bring copies of your resume in a nice portfolio or file folder, make sure you have two pens (one always runs out of ink), paper to make notes, and plenty of business cards. Need help with your resume? Then check out the section on our website about resume writing and come to Drop-In Hours to get it reviewed by Career Services staff (Monday-Thursday, 1pm-4pm and additional hours on Friday, October 19th from 1pm-4pm in Career Services – basement of Kerr Administration Building).

Day 18:

You never have a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression…

1st impressions are everything!  Remember the employer will probably form an impression within the first 30 seconds of meeting you.  Aside from a professional physical appearance, don’t forget to research the companies you’re planning on visiting.  Check out their website online and start your visit off on the right (er, prepared) foot. Check out which employers are attending the fairs!

Day 19:

A great way to prepare for the Fall Career Fairs is to attend one, two, or more Career Seminars and participate in Speed Mock Interviews! The presenters at the seminars are employers, many with years of experience and knowledge of the hiring process. And the Speed Mock Interviews is an excellent way to brush up on your interviewing skills and network with actual employers from places such as Target, Kohl’s, Teach for America, State Farm, and more! Check out our website for more information.