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Job/Internship of the Week

Management Trainee
SRS Acquisition Corporation


Duties & Responsibilities:
Our Management Trainee Program is your pathway to accelerated career growth inside SRS. It is designed to prepare you for a rewarding career as a Branch Manager, and beyond, in the distribution industry. Once you have been selected for this program, you will be paired with an experienced mentor who will help you learn all aspects of our business, such as learning products, logistics, finance, safety, administrative policies and procedures, and customer service. You will also be mentored in Outside Sales to better develop negotiation and professional sales techniques that are necessary to complete the training cycle. With your mentor’s guidance, you will move from the university classroom to the practical world of management and sales working with customers and vendors in a distribution center setting.

The Management Trainee Program is designed to last 1-2 years, allowing you to experience all aspects of the Branch Manager position; and to provide you with the foundation skills that will be necessary for future advancement within SRS. You will receive competitive wages and an excellent benefit package!

Clearwater, Florida
Lafayette, Lousiana
Naperville, Illinois
St. Louis, Missouri
Lansdale, Pennsylvania
Portland, Oregon
Richmond, Wisconsin
Eugene, Oregon
Position Type
Permanent Full-Time
Job Function
Distribution, Management, Management/Administration, Sales, Supply Chain Management / Logistics
Bachelors Degree
2.7 GPA
Supply Chain Management
Business Degree
At SRS we are looking for the type of person who:
• Has a positive attitude
• Possess strong leadership abilities
• Has excellent communication skills
• Is willing to work hard to perfect their academic knowledge through hands-on training and experience
• Has a desire to work with manufactured products, computer and transportation equipment, and a team of diverse people
• Has ability to combine a passion for personal and company success with a desire to help our customers and vendors to succeed in their respective businesses.
Contact Information
Employer: SRS Acquisition Corporation
Name: Mrs. Linda J. Konke
Title: Executive Assistant
Phone: (469) 424-2221
Fax: (214) 491-4156
Address: 1515 Heritage Drive
Suite 103 

McKinney, TX
75069 United States