We are starting a Q&A Monday post! We will answer questions that we have been asked recently and feel free to comment with any of your own career-related questions…or you can post your questions to our Facebook page (Oregon State University Career Services).

Question: Who do I address a cover letter to if I don’t have anyone’s contact information?

Do some research and very often you will be able to find out who is the hiring manager. You can check out the employer’s website, LinkedIn, or even call Human Resources and ask (I have done this). After doing some research and not coming up with any results, address the cover letter as  “Dear Hiring Committee or Hiring Manager” (whichever you prefer). Do not address it “To Whom It May Concern” …that is old school.

Question: I already sent in an application but now I have a stronger cover letter. Can I resend the new cover letter or is that not a good idea?

In general, don’t resend it because that could be confusing. If this is a job you really want, then you could email it again explaining that you added a few more details to the cover letter and you would appreciate it if the hiring committee would consider this copy instead.

Question: Should I include my cover letter in the body of the email that I send or is it better to attach it as a document?

Attach the cover letter as a separate document because usually the hiring committee will print it out for all to see. Only put it in the email if that is what is stated in the directions for applying.