Job Application Experiences

The last job I applied for has been the only job I have truly loved. When applying to Dutch Brothers Coffee it was a rather lengthy process. It was daunting at first and I was confused as to why a coffee shop made the hiring process such a task. First I completed paperwork of my qualifications and personal information. They proceeded to call me in for an interview. After that I had two separate interviews with two other managers at other coffee stands in the franchise. Then once I made it past those interviews I had to take a lengthy test which I had to study for days in advance. Next I had to go through four days of training in our warehouse to learn how to properly make coffee. The last task was two weeks in the actual coffee stand being observed by a stand trainer to ensure I had learned every aspect that was important to the culture of the business and knew how to properly make the drinks. I was then hired and a part of the team. And although this process was lengthier than I had originally assumed, I now understand why it is so important. My experiences during the job application and hiring process help me understand how important the culture of the company is and how relationships are built. Through this process they truly got to know me. It allowed me to get to know my future coworkers and leadership team. Despite the drawn out process, I was never strayed from my end goal. I feel that one of the reasons they do this is to weed out the less motivated people. Overall, I was so excited to work there and didn’t mind the application process and have loved working there ever since. 

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2 thoughts on “Job Application Experiences

  1. I have never actually worked at Dutch Bros but have had lots of friends that have worked there. I know all of them have loved the community dutch bros shares and the opportunities that open u if you have been there long. They definitely do the job hiring process right because it does take a certain level of sociability to work at Dutch.

  2. Thanks for sharing the information about the Job Application experience you had in the coffee shop. Everyone has to go with a big process of recuriting and selection while working on the first job. One have to be patience on the all policies and the time taken by the employeer. Never change your goals and never estimate it according to the situation.

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