Certificate of Merit for Strand Ag Hall Renovation

Located between the two most prominent quads on the OSU campus, Strand Agriculture Hall has been at the center of the OSU experience for over a century.  In 2013, OSU began significant renovation of this historic building.   Renovation of this 116,000 square foot academic building improved safety, accessibility, materials, energy efficiency, and comfort, as well as redefined the building, both physically and programmatically, for its next 100 years of service.

Strand Agricultural Hall was built in three phases, beginning in 1909 and finishing in 1913. The structure was designed by architect John Bennes, who designed many of the campus’s most notable buildings. In 2013, OSU began a major $24.9 million renovation project. The renovation’s primary improvements were related to seismic resilience, accessibility, as well as energy upgrades. One of the most visually significant changes was the addition of the West Portico, which looks out over the Memorial Union Quad. This portico replaced a small wooden porch that was out of scale and did not provide the east-west orientation originally envisioned for the building. The design of the West Portico incorporates design elements that echo the building’s original porticos, but is appropriately distinguishable as an addition. It succeeds in finding a balance of meeting contemporary needs, including accessibility, while also being aesthetically sympathetic to the structure’s architectural character.

Strand Ag Hall Renovation Project receives Corvallis Historic Preservation Award by the City of Corvallis Historic Resources Commission, 2016.

In 2016, the City of Corvallis Historic Resources Commission awarded a Certificate of Merit to Oregon State University, Hennebery Eddy Architects, and Hoffman Construction for the care and investment placed in preserving the Strand Agricultural Hall building, an important Corvallis and OSU historic resource.

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