Helpful thingies

Here’s some helpful thingies

Below are free web services (mostly) that I find helpful to get stuff done.


When to use which image type (memorize this please)

Web based image tools

  • (if you don’t have photoshop use this for basic resize/crop etc)
  • Squoosh Image compression. Can be installed as progressive web app.
    • (which basically just means that it can be act like a real application that runs in a web browser and doesn’t need internet access to work)
  • (small image files are good files. if you don’t have photoshop’s “save for web” – use this)
  • (desktop app for macintosh to compress image files. best for png – ok for jpg)
  • (or chrome extension/desktop app) Free, browser-based equivalent of Lightroom. (really kinda neat)
  • Film Emulator (kinda like VSCO brand filters that emulate all sorts of film camera – can be good starting point for a particular look/feel)


  • (fast and easy pdf compressor. Small files are good files.)


Search Engine Optimization

Content marketing

CSS and HTML cleanup

Tidy up your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code

OSU blog themes

Sapling is a child theme of koji theme.

Branch is a child theme of Twenty Twenty theme.