Job Application Experiences

I have recently been searching for a post graduation job and have sent my resume and information to many different companies via Handshake. The one position that really got me thinking was one for a company called handheld (it is intentionally spelled in all lower case), as they appeared at the Oregon State University Career Fair. I talked with the lady in charge of hiring, Amy, at the event and she was very easy to converse with. I discussed with her my goals and objectives for a job and asked her about the potential positions she was looking to hire for. She happened to have a spot available for a marketing associate which was in my field of study. She told me to apply on Handshake and after our initial meeting, I went home and sent her a follow-up email thanking her for her time at the fair and sent in my application. She got back to me the next day and asked me to come in to visit the office because it was located in Corvallis. I agreed and was both very nervous and excited. This was one of the first real positions I applied for and I didn’t know what kind of interview questions to expect, or if it was going to be structured as an interview at all (she did not tell me when inviting me to the facility). It ended up being a very casual conversation where Amy just wanted to get to know me better and get a better idea of how I would fit as an employee in the office. As an applicant I felt very at home and relaxed within the building and Amy was easy to talk to and made things very comfortable for me. Once I began talking to her all of my anxiety and nerves went away and it felt just as easy as it did at the fair. I met the President of the company during my time at the office as well and it was just as easy to converse with him.

Based on the conversations I had with both Amy and the president, Jim, they sold me on the company. They raved about their jobs and made me feel like I would fit in really well working there. I liked the position they were hiring for from the very beginning at the career fair, but didn’t know how I would like the company itself or the other people within it. After talking with Jim and Amy, they described in more detail the position I would be working in and what exactly I would be doing, helping me to realize that it was the perfect position, company, and group of people for me. I was offered the position only a week ago and accepted.

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