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  • How do you work through being “stuck” on a problem?

There are a few different ways that I approach when being “stuck” on a problem. Extensive research is the main way of trying to see if someone has encountered a problem similar to mine and solved it. Even if there is not a direct answer to the problem at hand, a similar one will do just as well. I have used this a few times and even if there is a ‘direct answer’, I do NOT just copy and paste and give credit. I try to fully understand how, why, and what works to solve the problem. Odds are someone has had some type of problem before, and odds are there are many ways to solve the problem.

Other ways I like to approach is to reach out to others that I know have used or have a better understanding of a program or algorithm which could simplify it to the point where I can understand (some times software lingo goes over my head… I’m working on it).

And of course another thing that I like to do is to ‘step away’ from the problem and work on it in a few minutes or hours. When staring at the same thing over and over again, I will continue to do the same tests or edits that get the same results which could end in a forever loop. So stepping away or working on other things then coming back helps a lot.

  • How do you approach learning something new, like a new technology?

It is always fun to try and learn new technology, language, IDE, or really anything. The main thing that I like to tell myself before approaching something new is that it can and will take time. I would say 99% of the time, I will not just be a natural at something new.

How I approach is just like what most people do and is research, research, and research. This can include YouTube videos, books, online articles, blogs, or just simply reaching out to someone (hopefully someone I know) and ask questions to whatever it is I’m wanting to work on. Once I have all the tools or at least the basic ones, it is time for practice. Start very simple and build up from there. Like I have been told before in my Muay Thai classes, ‘we must lay the foundation before we can build the house’. Meaning we need to start at the bottom with the basics, even if it takes some time, before we can start rising up to the more difficult tasks.

This is the approach I like to take, and I am sure more and different techniques will arise, but for now I will stick to with what I know what works for me.

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