Blog Post #3

  • How is the journey so far?

This journey has been awesome! There is a ton, and I mean A TON of research involved. Both my partner and I were basically thrown into the project with zero previous experience with Unity, AR, and Blender. Particularly, Unity uses C# language which we both have never touched before. Even though we are not experts or experienced, the researching part of the project I believe is very beneficial. This is something that will happen in my career where I will be unfamiliar with something and I will have to spend time researching.

  • What communication tools is your team using, and how well is that going?

We are mostly communicating through Discord. I have the app on my computer and my phone, so I am able to see if any messages have been received which allows me to quickly respond, especially in any emergency (thankfully hasn’t happened yet). We also have access to our e-mails, phone numbers, and Microsoft Teams. Discord also allows us to screen share if we need to show specific things in our project or when words are a little harder to describe problems.

  • Do you personally feel your part of the project will succeed?

I do believe my part of the project will succeed. I am currently seeing results and improvements the more time I spend on the project (crazy how that works). There is more work that needs to be done and I know there will be some minor road blocks, but I will deal with them once they arise. I have a strong teammate and with the two of us working together can ensure a well designed Senior project for others to see. We both just need to stay consistent and honest if things get behind, which has worked in our favor so far.

Now… back to work!

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