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“Why did you choose to go into Computer Science?”

Well, let me start by saying I currently have a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Once the pandemic hit, I was unfortunately laid off like most people that I knew. I was having a very difficult time to find another job. It seemed the area I was in had a hiring “freeze”. So I did the most practical thing (insert sarcasm), and went back to school.

I was always interested in Computer Science/Software Engineering but when I first went to college I decided to take a different route. As of now I have been enjoying my journey into the tech world and hope to continue this pathway. I believe most of the future will rely on software engineers as technology continues to grow bigger and bigger.

“Are you worried about working in groups?”

I am not worried about working in groups. I know there are going to be issues, minor or major, but adapting to change and trying to resolve said issues is what makes it fun! Most careers, I expect to be working with a team so the more exposure the better.

“What do you hope to learn from the course?”

I hope to learn how to work with a team, learn new techniques and code writing, and what I would like to try to pursue after graduation. Working with a team will prepare me with real world projects and this course will simulate that experience. Like most students I am still a “noob” at writing code. Learning techniques from others is always welcoming and will help me become a better developer. Last, I hope to find, or attempt to find a particular subject I would like to pursue for a career. There are many different types of software jobs and being exposed to many of them is sometimes hard to know what a person would like to do. I know a few subjects that I do not want to pursue, but hopefully my capstone project that I choose will interest me enough to follow that career path. I am very open to new subjects and always like to learn new things. So this might not be the final decision where I will end up and that is okay!

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