Bumps but not bruises

There is a difference between work and school. Flexibility is one of those things. Getting sick between now and the last post makes that clear as day for me. I have no worked in the tech industry and I know its ripe with tight/unachievable deadlines, but school is the worst. There is no such thing as flexible due dates, there is no pick up slack when you are sick or need time off. You just lose that time, lose those points and whatever grade issues may arise from it.

That said there was a lot of learning done during this time as well. I love having a working reference to learn from. Its rare these days to have a working version of what you are trying to work on (without the bells and whistles of course). But it gives me something to compare against and see what differences there are, what went wrong, what works and were improvements might be able to be made. Its my learning dream world honestly.

So this lead to some good work on the project this term even if we don’t have a ton to show for it yet, there was movement forward which is always the goal.

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