All of a sudden trying to figure out Maya, Unity, C# finally was beginning to come together!! In one night, I created a cute little alien in Maya, added some dance animation, created some script in C# and made it work in Unity and knew how to do it without tutorials!!! Even though I’m still learning, this gave me confidence and an exciting feeling that I am on the right track. I am really enjoying using each part of the technology and I am wanting to learn to do more and make more. I have ideas for future projects I would like to venture into and have some fun with after graduation. Most importantly, I learned even when I feel overwhelmed, if I keep the desire to learn open inside me then eventually things will get easier and become more manageable. SO keep trying and keep practicing.

And Now…3D Modeling!

There’s so many programs out there!! Let me just say “3D Modeling: Design my Model” by Core Five, Inc. saved what’s left of my sanity! I happened on this fantastic mobile app while not having my hotspot on a 4 hour car ride. There are numerous pre-built 3D models in the app. What I needed was good old-fashioned shapes. I’m so excited! I can easily rotate the canvas. It is easy to zoom in and zoom out with common touch screen finger movements. Resizing objects takes two fingers. Hold an object too long and multi-selecting begins. One button and those objects are combined. The objects could be modified by a point, a line, a plane or as the object as a whole. Honestly, the objects were easy to manipulate into different shapes, even a spot to draw a shape. I shared the file as a .obj to my email and then I could import a new asset into Unity. It was so perfect and easy, which made it fun. This is my new favorite technology: 3D Modeling: Design my Model! It help make nice looking aliens and UFOs doable in a short amount of time.

Hello world!

Welcome to my first blog post. My name is Heather. I’ve been a Professional Genealogist for 20 years. This change to Computer Science has been exactly what I needed in life. I still love researching family histories, but I always had the desire to get a degree in CS and have steady income.  I really want to be part of game development in my career, so the majority of my capstone project choices focused on this category.  However, all of the project choices looked fun. I’m so excited to share our last term together and work on an amazing project. I look forward to getting to know everyone better. Best wishes!