We’re moving!

New Oregon Sea Grant office entryway

The entryway to our new home

While everyone else is decking the halls, we at Oregon Sea Grant are dismantling ours, packing everything up for a big move to a brand-new location.

As of next week, the campus contingent of our program faculty and staff – currently spread among four different OSU locations – will be under one roof on the third floor of the University Plaza, just a block south of campus at the corner of 15th and Western in Corvallis.

The move begins on Monday when our computers will be disconnected from the campus network; on Tuesday, the movers come, and on Wednesday, we begin unpacking and setting up at the new location. All phone numbers and email addresses remain the same; our new mailing address is: Oregon Sea Grant, 1600 SW Western Blvd., Suite 350, Corvallis OR 97333.

It may be difficult to contact us during the move, but calls will be returned and email responded to as soon as we can find our phones, get the computers back online, and find places to sit.

We wish you all happy holidays, and look forward to welcoming visitors to our new office in the New Year. Watch for an open house announcement once we get settled.

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