How to decide the best company and if it’s the right company for you?

The work environment can make or a break a company if the employees don’t have a passion to work there


Stryker a medical equipment company that is expanding all over the United States. Many of the employees felt that the leaders in this company have a interest and passion in them and their success. That is a key for employee to feel supported from their leaders in their role. If someone believes in you from a higher role it will push you and to make you better as a person and an employee. This goes back to the “Breaking all of the rules” and how management has a huge impact for the employees. Many employees don’t stay in a job if they feel their manager doesn’t care about them, and tend to search for another job because there is no support 

Texas Health Resources INC, and they are #15 and the reasoning be that is that they have a mission statement. That every employee knows the mission statement when they are hired. Everyday they go into work they are “We “live” our “Promise” (Individuals Caring for Individuals, Together).” This is their mission statement by having this it make sure that all of the employees are the same level. The mission statement allows all employees to be accountable, and it means that is what the company is about. It allows the company to have a goal as a whole to be able to accomplish it everyday

American Express gives their employees family benefits at work, and allows them have a work life and then a family life. They give the mothers of the family a 7 month leave and 5 for the non birthing parent. Many companies only give up to a 6 week leave, and many of times it’s not enough time for the parent to leave their child. American Express shows that they care about their employees family and support them. Many companies don’t want to do that or even pay for employees on maternity leave. For a company to give the option for their employees to enjoy their time at home. It allows them to show how family oriented, and that they are willing to help their employees with their family. 

Individuals strive for a company that is diverse and who cares and support them. When the company is very diverse because it shows they care about the employees and gives another aspect of view. All of these companies have a common goal which is they show they care about each individual employee. They are not just another employee that works for the company. But they have the support from the management, company, they give their employees amazing benefits for their hard work. Lastly, when the employees are first hired they are given a mission statement to work by and push themselves to succeed their mission statement. For me as an employee it would be very easy to know the company wants out of me, and work with my co-workers to all have the same goal.  


  • The type of manger I would like to be is the best manger I can be. These companies that are rated to be some of the best companies in the world give each employee support. They are striving to create a mission statement that every employee knows by heart, have managers that believe in them by setting core values, and allowing everyone to have a set goal. For an employee it would be hard for me to not share the same core value with the company and my manger and if I didn’t feel supported by my leader I would not be able to push myself. Therefore, I don’t want to be the manager that is not pushing their employees, not letting them shine with their ideas. I will always be there for the employees. I will also, allow every employee to take a survey on what needs to be improved and how they are feeling as an employee. It will allow me to have a conversation with those feeling low in their job. Create a plan to resolve the reason and get them back on to track with work
  • HR has a goal of being the employee advocate, administrative decisions, and globalization with jobs. According to “Why Did We Ever Go Into HR” how important HR job is to make sure that the company is running smoothly and solve issues. There job is one of the hardest jobs due to the fact that they are creating job opportunity and figuring out why employees are leaving.