Beijing Normal University-Oregon State University

Summer Workshop

Frontiers in Humanistic Studies 


人文学术前沿 · 暑期研习营 

July 7-15, 2023


The workshop is organized by School of Writing, Literature and Film, Oregon State University. During the program, a select group of students from the College of Literature, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China will participate in intensive lectures, discuss sessions and other activities. The main goals of the workshop:

  • Learn major theories and methods in literary study and related humanistic fields through interdisciplinary discuss sessions and case studies.
  • Introduce college-level English academic writing.


Literary Analysis

Film Theory and Analysis

Visual Cultural Study

English-Language Academic Writing


Director: Lei Xue 

Academic Coordinator: Ward Megan 


Karen Holmberg (PhD, U. Missouri), Associate Professor of English

Neil Davison (PhD, U. Maryland), Professor of English

Jon Lewis (PhD, UCLA), University Distinguished Professor of English

Kirsi Potalmaki (PhD, Rochester), Professor of Art History

Jillian St. Jacques (PhD, University of Amsterdam), Senior Instructor  of English

Jennifer Reimer Recio (PhD, Berkeley), Assistant Professor of American Studies

Daniele Vi Lodovico (PhD, U. Washington), Instructor of Art History

Megan Ward (PhD, Rutgers), Associate Professor of English

Lei Xue (PhD, Columbia), Associate Professor of Art History

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