Week 7 Blog

There have been many times when wages and benefits played a role in someone deciding to move to a new company, leave the job, or put in less effort. For instance, my good friend who is 28 years old and has been trying to get a promotion for a while now, left the job because they didn’t give him that promotion. The promotion would have helped him substantially in terms of wages. There were also some benefits like having a company truck and company gas card. At that point, he left the company and searched for a position that would give him all those perks, which he found very quickly and moved on. I think the compensation motivated him tremendously because, at the time, he had just had his second kid and realized he needed more money to support his family. The wage he was being paid was comfortable for him to afford expenses for himself and his wife. Once they added their first child, he began to feel less comfortable with his wage. That’s when he knew having a second baby wouldn’t be sustainable with his current wage. In my personal experience, when I was first interviewing for my first full-time job, I took many things into consideration. Most of the consideration was in terms of compensation and benefits. As I looked at each company that extended me offers, I first looked at the wages comparing the market. Then I looked at what kind of health, dental, vision, etc. insurances packages they offered. I then I looked at whether they had profit sharing or if I was able to hold stock in the company. These all led me to either accept or decline offers.

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