Blog Post #4

While working on our AR Arcade Classics, I have run into a lot of aspects of the project that require research on how to get components working in Unity. When I get stuck trying to find a solution to parts of the project, I tend to start by searching through blogs and forums for a solution to the specific problem I am having. However, there are many times when I am unable to find a specific solution so I broaden my search to looking up information and guides on the broader subject (i.e. how to make a player character) and try to work to a solution from that base.

Normally, when I am learning a new technology, I like to first find a couple good tutorial series that cover the subject somewhat broadly, even if I am not terribly interested or actively working on the whole subject at that time. That way I can see the potential future working with this new technology. After that general exploration of the topic, I’ll then circle back around and begin actually working with the technology directly myself with the newfound overview fresh in my mind.

I do think I will start playing around with chatGPT as a tool for learning new subjects and as a problem solving tool. One of my group mates has been feeding it some prompts on how to get certain features of our project working and the results from the bot have been quite impressive. I will admit I am still a tad fearful of the impending robot revolution but in the meantime, it seems like an effective tool for learning and problem solving!

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