Blog Post #3

Hello and welcome to my third blog post for my Capstone class! We are now halfway through the class and boy has the semester really flown by.

Our AR Arcade Classics project is progressing nicely in my opinion. We are making good progress and are hitting only minor roadblocks here and there. Everybody is working together well and communication has been pretty good. We are continuing to use a group chat on Discord as our main way to communicate. As for project management, I had created a spreadsheet a few weeks ago of code chunks that we could mark as in progress or complete, but that largely has not been used. I would say that keeping organized has not been our strongest attribute during this project, the group dove into coding and largely is focused on developing rather than filling out spreadsheets or schedules. We will probably be forced to get more organized as we progress and as more pieces of the puzzle need to fit together.

Despite not using some of our project organization tools, I believe that we are on track and making good progress toward our goals and making a really cool project. At this point we have a 2D version of the game half working as well as the ability to set up a basic AR scene. The big roadblock we face now is getting our game into the 3D AR scene as a screen-like object.

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