Blog Post #2

My project for Capstone is the AR/VR Arcade Classics. My team and I have decided that we will be remaking Galaga and allowing users to play it in Augmented Reality using the Unity game engine.

We chose Unity as our game engine because I actually come from a game design background (my first degree was in Digital Media) and I have a decent amount of experience using game engines. While I have more experience with Unreal Engine, I know that Unity is still pretty good and also a bit more beginner friendly. So for my teammates for whom this is their first game, I suggested Unity as our game engine.

As for the debate of Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality, we decided to go with Augmented Reality first, with adding in a Virtual Reality mode being a stretch goal should we find the time. We chose Augmented because we can use really any mobile device with a camera to play the game. Virtual reality would require the use of a headset which a few of us had, but we wanted the end product to be more accessible and easily shared.

Our design has a decent amount of modularity, given that we can code and make the game in bite sized chunks. One person can work on getting the game working, somebody else can work on AR functionality, and the third member can get menus working. Even then, each component can be further broken up into sections and chunks.

I think our biggest roadblock will be learning Unity, but I look forward to the challenge.

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