Week 1 writing exercise

The list of human non-infectious diseases that are influenced by microorganisms is: enteritis, gastricism, smelly feet, urethritis and chronic respiratory disease. When I see the word “non-infection”, the first idea comes to me is the chronic disease. Through the lecture we took in week 1, History of Microorganisms and Human Health, it gives me more understanding in how important role microorganisms played in human life. I am used to considering the microorganism only works for infection disease like currently the most populate Covid-19, through the lecture and out-lecture reading “Five Non-communicable Diseases, $47 Trillion Global Burden Over Next Two Decades”, I’ve learned that microorganisms are being a huge challenge for people needed solving. Because the old people group is going to have increasing population number, and they have less power to defend themselves from microorganisms invading.