OSU – Beef Cattle Library

An online database of extension articles developed to provide up-to-date and research-based information to professionals and beef cattle producers. All articles are peer-reviewed prior to acceptance for publication.


OSU – Research Reports

Extension publications with the goal of sharing our research findings with the beef industry, particularly producers. Articles report current, original research that has any implications with beef cattle production, independently if the research study has an animal, range, or agronomic emphasis. In this link you will also find the Oregon Beef Council Research Report, which is the official publication for studies funded by the Oregon Beef Council.


Calving School Handbook

This publication is provided to participants during the Calving School. Click here for more info about this extension activity. The Calving School Handbook contains information about reproductive anatomy and physiology of beef cows, details about the calving process and dystocia, and also how and when to assist with the delivery.


Pasture and Grazing Management in the Northwest

The comprehensive resource for anyone who manages livestock on pastures in the Northwest, this 208-page book offers pasture managers information and tools to enable their pastures and their livestock to reach their maximum production potentials. Seventeen chapters proceed from planning to budgeting.


OSU Extension Service – Publications and Multimedia Catalog

The Extension Service produces educational materials to help people across Oregon. This catalog includes more than 1,200 entries such as single sheets, booklets, softcover books, educational videos, and interactive CDs and DVDs.


Cattle Producer’s Handbook

Prepared by the Western Beef Resource Committee, which consists of extension specialists in 12 western states, this publication contains 250 fact sheets for cattle producers and is revised/updated is revised annually. Included are sections on quality assurance, nutrition, reproduction, range and pasture, animal health, management, marketing, finance, genetics, and other natural disasters.

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