Week 5 Blog Assignment- Interviews

Effective Interview

            Selecting a proper recruitment method and increase effectiveness and creating a diverse applicant pool. Having a recruitment message that addresses organization’s value, which can help applicants differentiate your organization offers to others. Also tell applicants what their experience would be working for the organization, give them an idea. Having recruiters that are personable and knowledgeable about the job and organization will increase effectiveness. Using a recruiting yield pyramid can also help with effective interview. Non-discriminatory, recordkeeping, and affirmative action is also extremely important too.

Reliability is the consistency and dependability of performance measure.

Validity- There is three types of validity. The first is Content which is when the test is based on the results of job analysis and is reviewed by a subject matter expert. Second Criterion-related is when it shows the relationship between the test and measures of job performance. Lastly Construct is when a test actually measures a particular construct through an accumulation of evidence about the test. High validity the better.

Utility- The extent to which a selection procedure is worth the time and money.

There are different types of interview types that can happen such as unstructured, structured (behavioral and situational interviews), job knowledge, and worker requirements. Having good open-ended questions and job related.

Ineffective Interview

            Ineffective interviews can be such as questions to avoid. For example, yes/no questions, obvious questions, questions that rarely produce a true answers, leading questions, and questions that are not job related. Also don’t violate EEO laws, such as asking ages if they have children or if someone has a disability. Also asking about salary and benefits from a previous job isn’t effective. Lastly, not having a plan or having a unstructured interview can be extremely ineffective for interviewing.

My Personal Experience

            I personally have only been through one official interview. The two individuals asking me questions were welcoming and were personable. They asked me around six or seven questions, but they were open ended. Looking back at the interview I thought they did very well, because they had a number of people that they were going to hire, and the questions were towards the job and what experiences I have been through. Overall, I thought the interviewers did well and I don’t think they did anything wrong. One thing that I do question is I had a trip that I was going to over the summer and they questioned if I should go. I did get hired for the job, but they STRONGLY didn’t want me to go on my trip due to me missing work. Which we discussed this in the interview.

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