Hello family and friends. This little blog will be a repository for pictures and notes from my vacation, our fourteenth wedding anniversary, and Linda’s research trip.

Linda is on the second leg of her National Science Foudation funded dissertation research, which after taking her to Vienna and Geneva this past spring will take her  to the Navajo Nation,  Albuquerque, NM, Pine Ridge SD, Elliot Lake, Canada, Washington DC, Raleigh NC and Knoxville Tennessee and finally back home near the end of October.

Knowing the project would have us apart for our wedding anniversary and without any way for her to get around on the Navajo Nation, we came upon the fantastic idea that I would join her for the first two weeks, allowing us to be together on August 22nd and providing me a chance to see places I’ve never been.

Pictures will appear as chapter pages on the column on the right. But first some background:

Linda hopes her dissertation will contribute to a more accurate telling of nuclear history by including indigenous experiences, radiation health safety, law, and human rights. She argues that opposition to nuclear weapons and technology can be framed as one narrative of the claim that it is a human right to not be contaminated by nuclear pollution.

Why sunflowers? (click here)

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