Rosalyn Fey is the Secretary of the OSU Astronomy Club. She is a PhD student in the Hendrix lab in the Dept. of Biochemistry and Biophysics at OSU, and is studying microRNA expression and the aging circadian clock using fruit flies as a model organism. Rosalyn enjoys becoming familiar with the seasonal habits of celestial bodies and constellations, as well as learning about what remains to be discovered and understood about the universe. She hopes that everyone who comes in contact with the Astronomy Club will find that astronomy is exciting and accessible!

Phia Morton is the Astronomy Club’s Education Officer and an undergraduate student studying Physics with a minor in Nuclear Engineering. She has experience with telescopes from her job at the Oregon Observatory and volunteer experience at Pine Mountain Observatory. Phia enjoys how astronomy show us how small we really are and that there is so much in the universe that we have yet to explore. 

Dominic Daprano is the Outreach officer of the OSU Astronomy Club. He is a undergraduate student studying physics and mathematics with a minor in Computer Science. Dominic enjoys astronomy because it is the source of endless mystery and wonder. He hopes to continue to advance scientific progress and expand our understanding of the universe.

Magnus L’Argent is the Astronomy Club’s Vice President and an undergraduate studying Physics and Mechanical Engineering with an Aerospace Minor. He is currently doing research with pulsar timing arrays. Magnus loves to learn about new and exciting astronomy developments and sharing them with others.

Ian Diaz, a fourth-year undergraduate student at OSU’s Corvallis campus who is majoring in Physics with minors in Mathematics and Spanish. Ian has been a member of the club for the past 4 years and has been an officer since the beginning of this last school year (2021-2022). As the club treasurer, Ian has worked to keep track of club finances while also having fun with spreadsheets. He has helped to help both old and new members learn about astronomy and astrophysics, work with our telescopes, and to generally welcome people into the community both in person and over multiple discord servers. Additionally, he have helped to coordinate with two other clubs, Physicists for Inclusion in Science (PhIS) and the Society of Physics Students (SPS), to hold joint events that bring all three communities together and even allow some light outreach with each other.

Former Officers

Tyler Parsotan is a former OSU graduate student under Dr. Lazzati. He studied Gamma Ray Bursts which are the most powerful explosions in the Universe. He is originally from NY and moved to FL to get his undergraduate degree in Space Physics. As an avid astrophysicist, Tyler in collaboration with other students passionate about astronomy began hosting the Astronomy Open Houses and established the OSU Astronomy Club. He is now a Postdoctoral researcher at NASA Goddard where he spends his time conducting theoretical research on GRB prompt emission and conducting mission support for the Swift BAT instrument.

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