Social Media Certification

I completed the Social Media Certification on HubSpot Academy which took me 4 1/2 hours, split into roughly three, 1 1/2 hour sessions.

On a scale of 1 to 5 I’d rate this certification program as a 5 and highly recommend it to a friend. I’d considered it very beneficial to anyone because, in digital marketing were taught that videos generate more user engagement and by learning through videos I felt like the material had far more meaning than had I of had to read it.

By learning through videos and a quick assessment I believe its proof to marketers how beneficial video tutorials are far better than sometimes posted content about a brand. HubSpot imitates what it teaches with engaging users, this shows marketers that if they’re highly engaged through virtual lessons, 4 1/2 hours worth, they can then imagine how their customer are engaged and will react when they generate videos and or tutorials about their brands, thus proving just how important it is.

What I liked the best is the number one topic, being dedicated to your customers, listen, respond, and always be just as engaged with the material online as your customers are. This shows just how dedicated you are to your brand and improving customer loyalty. The wasn’t anything I’d say I liked least, I did feel some information seemed repetitive but for me my attention can become distracted easily so repeating how important customers are really ingrained in my mind how important it is and kept me on track despite distractions.

Further, the quizzes were a great refresher to test the knowledge I had just learned. To be honesty I never became frustrated because I believe social media is so enculturated in our lives its important for every marketer, whether they’re living in the past or not, to be a part of and is the number one way in my opinion to reach and engage with customers.

Lastly, I’ll mention that although it’s extremely important for digital marketers to constantly be engaged with their customers, its just as important to let them be or take them offline,  if you’re getting no where with them, and all they want to do is argue about your brand. I say this only if it cannot be resolved on or offline, it’s better to just remain calm and not try to intrigue or argue with them further. This happens by participating in active listening and being aware of whats going on and being said, never interject.













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