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While looking at human resource and managerial successes within companies I referenced the article, Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For® 2020, to gain a deeper insight of what goes on within the three different companies, Salesforce, Workday, and Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants, workplaces and evaluate their employees overall satisfaction. The first company that I focused on was Salesforce. With a company that is the size of Salesforce, standing at roughly 43,000 employees, I initially thought that they would have low satisfaction rates from their employees. However, a couple words that employees used to describe the workplace at Salesforce are culture, people, benefits and values. My impression of Salesforce after reading about their company is that they prioritize many of the HR functional areas, such as employee benefits, recruitment and selection, and employee retention and engagement. They emphasize that people and culture matter and they carry these values out in their due process functions. The second company that I chose to learn about is Workday. This company differs from Salesforce in size, standing at roughly 8,500 employees, and in core values, however it reports similar rates of employee satisfaction. The environment seems to be much more intimate and team oriented, as the employees used words such as people, family, team, fun, and care as some of the descriptive words for their environment. The last company I looked at was Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants, this company was the smallest out of the three that I chose, consisting of about 5,000 employees. The employee reviews seemed to be very similar to those of Workday, proving Kimpton has a company that values their people, clients, team, culture and caring for their employees. While reading about Workday and Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants, it was clear to see that they shared a parallel in their Human Resources team by both practicing the Four Keys of great managers that are as follows: selecting for talent, defining the right outcomes, focusing on strengths and finding the right fit. The employees prove this to be true in how the reviews seem to reflect that everyone who is apart of the work place is in search of the same work interactive environment. The size of these companies also shows that the HR values the talent and the capabilities of their employees, prioritizing fewer employees that can work collaboratively to get more work done.

When looking at what kind of manager I would hope to be one day, I look at these companies and I would hope to resemble a little bit of each approach. I admire that Salesforce is able to maintain employee satisfaction while being one of the largest companies in the world, and I believe that this is a result of their employee benefits as well as their recruitment and selection. In Kimpton and Workday I admire that they capitalize in collaborative work and employee engagement, I think that employee engagement is something that should be prioritized in every managerial position. Overall, these three companies are great management examples to learn from and I enjoyed gaining insight on how their each individual Human Resources management team has shaped their employees experiences in their own workplace.

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