What’s It!


  1. Apostle –One who followed Jesus.
  2. Succession: The ministry of the Church is resultant from Christ through successive bishops.
  3. Old Testament: The first part of the Christian biblical canon.
  4. Bible – Book of sacred and holy texts and scriptures. Studied and practiced by Christians
  5. Gnostic – Personal over orthodox.
  6. Codex Sinaiticus – Mid-4th century bible.
  7. Bishop – ordained clergy
  8. Predestination: The teaching that God has determined beforehand who is to be saved
  9. Christianity: The religion based on the person and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, or its beliefs and practices Pentarchy – Eastern orthodox. Justinian
  10. Eremetic monasticism – Hermit
  11. Cross: Wooden beams perpendicular to each other. Known for its crucifixion.
  12. Cenobitic monasticism – Community
  13. Jerome: Monk who translated the Bible into Latin (the Vulgate)
  14. catholic (as opposed to Catholic): Latin word for universal
  15. Miaphysite – fully divine and fully human in one
  16. Theotokos – Mary in Eastern Christianity
  17. Disciples: A personal follower of Jesus during his life, especially one of the twelve Apostles.
  18. Patriarchate – Three jurisdictions of rule – Rome, Antioch, Alexandria
  19. Creed – statement of shared beliefs.
  20. Creed: Concise formal statement of Christian doctrine 
  21. Oecumenical – representing the whole of the body of the church
  22. Basilica – rectangular chamber of church
  23. Julian of Norwich: An anchorite who had intense visions of Jesus Christ
  24. Holy Sepulchre – site where Jesus was crucified
  25. Ousia – essence or substance
  26. Homoousios – one essence
  27. Prosopon – person, from Greek for mask of person on stage to reveal character
  28. Physis – nature
  29. Great Papal Schism – A split within the Catholic Church from 1378 to 1417 where 2 men claimed to be popes.
  30. Hypostasis: A nature in its concrete realization in a particular thing or person
  31. Hildegard of Bingen: Widely recognized as a seer this gave her special authority rare for women
  32. Canon – religious texts regarded as authoritative
  33. Trinity – Three in one
  34. Teresa of Avila: Desired to be a spiritual guide, wrote “Interior Castle” and was friends with John of the Cross
  35. Crucifixion: The Roman’s method of punishment
  36. Christology – the study of Christ
  37. Calvary – Death place of Christ
  38. Catherine of Siena: Showed considerable spiritual insight in her “Book of Divine Providence
  39. Charlemagne: Was crowned Holy Roman Emperor by the Pope at Christmas in 800
  40. Ethiopia: Fourth century historical accounts indicate missionaries came from the east across the Red Sea.
  41. Prosopon: Greek for person or persons or mask (as in play)
  42. The Arian Controversy: The debate over the nature and extent of the divinity of Christ
  43. Original Sin: The sin of Adam and Eve which is passed on to children through sexual intercourse 
  44. The church of the East: They traveled east astonishing distance including to India and China
  45. Ethiopian Church: The presiding bishop was not native but from Alexandria as late as 1951
  46. Thecla: Virgin disciple of Paul known from apocryphal Acts
  47. Erasmus – a Dutch philosopher who is widely considered to have been one of the greatest scholars.
  48. Huguenots – religious groups of French protestants.
  49. Episcopate – Office of a Bishop
  50. Schism: When Christians formally separate from one another
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